Remember THIS?

It's the contest I blogged about two months ago. When I planned to announce a winner on July 7 and then extended the deadline because my email crashed and I lost comments that never got posted. And I know I'm still missing some--sorry!

Yeah, that contest.

Here's hoping that the wrinkles have finally all been ironed out of my Internet server problems, my email glitches, the graphics card problem that caused my computer to crash, etc., etc., etc.

After sifting through the comments about positive thinking on both blogs, as well as those that managed to arrive unscathed in my email, I've come up with a winner. A thought that touched my heart and made me smile:

And positive thoughts? Man. Don't we all need them? Every day? It's like that thing they tell you in customer service ~ people will complain to a bunch of people if they get rotten service, but hardly tell anyone at all if they have great service. I think we should strive to turn that around ~ tell people what good they do, we all need to know someone appreciates us for some reason.

That wisdom from the winner: Ali Cross.

It seems to be raw human nature to complain, and a sad fact that we often neglect to tell others about the good. If we search for it, it's usually there in abundance. It's a wonderful feeling to be appreciated, and wonderful to pass it on.

Thank you, Ali. I appreciate you and your insightful comments.

If you feel inclined to do so, visit Ali's blog and tell her how much you appreciate her too...


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