My main computer crashed Friday. The good news is that it happened after my awesome editor put the finishing touches on my novel and sent it off to print.

I didn't get a chance to post this update on my picture book, and two book signings last Saturday. I have lots to post, but little time to do it since I'm so far behind. Here are some highlights:

I visited a lavender farm where I did research for my next novel.
I attended LDSBooksellers and met lots of wonderful people.
I had a birthday lunch with my granddaughter who is turning seven!
I fractured my finger, but it's better now.
I was invited to join a new company as an artist and designer--more info to come.
I got the chance to hear my friend author Haley Hatch Freeman speak on anorexia and self-worth!
I was offered a column with our local newspaper.
Valerie and I had two wonderful signings on Saturday--photos here.

If you've sent me an email, sorry if I haven't responded. Only a fraction of my email is trickling in. I hope to have everything back in working order by next week.


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