Author Tristi Pinkston serves up a winner!

Ida Mae Babbitt is a cookie baking widow with an oven full of good intentions. When trouble seems to be simmering in the lives of a family in her charge, she determines she will rise to the occasion and speed to their rescue. Empty refrigerator? Starving children? Not on Ida Mae’s watch. With the assistance of her techie nephew, Ren, she assumes the role of an elderly Nancy Drew, ready to aid and assist in the name of service and goodwill.

This cozy mystery is laugh out loud funny, a delightful character driven romp that kept me turning pages—I never knew what to expect next. Though Ida Mae and her sidekicks, Arlette and Tansie, are members of an LDS Relief Society, religion is only a backdrop to the story. There’s no preaching or proselyting in this little mirth packed volume. The unusual glimpse—espionage and intrigue–into the women’s organization is pure satire.

Tristi blends wry humor and razor sharp writing to create lovable characters who make you giggle and touch your heart. I appreciated the introspection Ida Mae navigates when she realizes she was quick to judge a young girl in her community. The later part of the book is sprinkled with light romance that while predictable doesn’t bog the story down. The ending winds up with the bad guys held at knitting needle point a bit too conveniently, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Secret Sisters is the first in a series worth looking forward to. You’ll find a sneak preview of book two, Ida Mae Rides Again, tucked in the back. I hope that during her next set of adventures the spirited matron of benevolence will share one of her cookie recipes.

Three cheers for Ida Mae!

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More about Tristi on her website, and on her blog.

My May 2009 interview with Tristi here.


L.T. Elliot said...

Killer review, Lori! You perfectly summed up this book. Isn't it delightful?

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