Top Storymakers 2010 Favorites:

~Great writers (the published, the almost published, and the just starting out) who are also great people.

~Bootcamp. You were all awesome. Really. Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

~Old friends.

~New faces. I love it when people come up and introduce themselves.

~Smiles and hugs.

~Learning more about the craft.

~Authors whose eyes light up when they talk about their book/s. Their passion is contagious. I love hearing the stories behind the stories.

~Books. And more books.

~Enthusiasm and encouragement.

~Late night sushi. And pizza. And Cafe Rio.

~Don't wait until the last few minutes to try and get pictures.

~Make sure the camera is on the right setting before handing it over to someone else and asking them to take a shot.

~Sleep at least one, if not two full nights before the conference.

~Try to become more adept at matching name tags and faces.

~Muster the courage to talk to people you'd really like to talk to; overcome social shyness.

~Invite more people to late night sushi. I crave more time to talk to other writers about life and writing.


Krista said...

It sounds wonderful. Absolutely. and your blog looks great. I've noticed several authors changing up their blogs. Did you pick up some tips at conference?
Midnight sushi sounds good. Can I come next year? ;)

Lori Nawyn said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! It was a big trial and error thing I undertook a couple of weeks ago. I am not so great with html and after losing several things, like my blog/friend list, I'm amazed I came out with anything coherent.

I picked up some great tips at the conference. Hope to post them soon.

Sushi next year? You bet--I'll add you to the list. Looking forward to it!

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