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C.K. Bryant is an award winning author of YA Paranormal, Romance & Fantasy who blogs about life and writing. I enjoy reading her guest interviews and one of my favorite blogs she's done recently is about fingerless mittens! I've long been a fan of fingerless mittens and gloves because my fingers get claustrophobia in the fingered ones. C.K. posted several photos of cute and stylish mittens that have got me longing to go out and buy more. She even made a pair of her own which are beautiful. I wish I had her talent so I could make lots and lots of them!

I'm honored to be a guest on Day Dreamer today and you can read the interview here.

Thank you, C.K.!


Ca88andra said...

I do like fingerless gloves - they are perfect for typing with!

Lori said...

Yes they are!

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