These past few weeks have been a jumble of trying to merge old commitments with new responsibilities.

In the middle of it all my website went down--permanently it seems--and I had to change email servers. Comments for the book contest I ran a few weeks ago got lost in the shuffle. Deleted. I know they were there . . . once . . . I just don't know where they are now.

Humble apologies!

If you see your comment here with the original contest post, you're okay. Entered in the book giveaway. Not lost. Counted among the commenters, etc.

If your comment is not there, you can assume your remarks were unintentionally lost in cyberspace. Poof. Gone. Misplaced without intentional misplacement. Please, if you see fit, feel free to comment again.

I'll try not to lose you . . . again.

For those lost, I'm extending the contest to July 31.

Sincere thanks for your understanding.


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