Finding Uses for Used Christmas Cards


This week I worked on an article about all the things you can make out of used Christmas cards. It was fun and I enjoyed coming up with ideas and taking photos of my creations. Some of my inspirations didn't pan out though. Here are a few that didn't make the cut:

*Festive Candle Holder - I decided I wasn't as adept as I'd hoped at designing a good candle holder that wouldn't go up in flames and set someone's house on fire the very first use.

*Decorative Toilet Paper Holder - Um, it just lost something in the translation from my brain to the actual usage...

*Holiday Boa - Too many little pieces to try and stick together.

*Seasonal Duck Call - It iced up in the cold and my lips stuck to it--anyone with shreds of old Christmas card hanging from their lips is not a pretty sight.

*Santa Pet Dish - Yeah, you're smart enough to know that won't work before you even try it. I wasn't.

All in all I was lucky to get some good ones (and that the editor bought it). What do you do with your used Christmas cards? Besides throw them away...


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