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Anne Bradshaw

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Anne, who are you as a person versus an author? What is your passion and what are your hobbies? Are you an aspiring gourmet chef or a budding chicken farmer? Do you yearn to travel the world or become a hermit when your kids are raised?

My inner self is quiet, shy, and not too confident. It’s taken many years to reach a point where I can pretend a confidence that’s not entirely real. It has taken much practice, prayer, and pushing to reach the stage where I can speak in front of people and not look terrified (I hope). I’m much happier alone in my office, writing, and communicating by email.

My hobbies include vegetable and herb gardening, photography, and getting lost in great books. I’m a lousy cook, but yes, chicken farming appeals. Years ago in England, we reared goats, chickens, and bees, and I really enjoyed those times. As for travel, if it weren’t for children and grandchildren spread around the country, I’d be perfectly happy staying home. Travel seems such a huge, uncomfortable thing these days, but it has to be done, unfortunately for me.

What genre(s) do you write in?

I’ve tried my hand at several—YA mystery suspense, adult fiction, poetry, non-Fiction, and screenwriting.

Do you seek to educate or entertain?

I hope my work does both these things. I know I love to learn something new whenever I read a good book. But I hope the educational bits are woven in enough so they don’t feel like “telling.”

Where do you write your best stuff, and when?

I’m an early morning person and get most of my writing done between 5:30 AM and noon, though most days I keep going long beyond that—with exercise in between. And food, of course, I eventually remember to eat when my stomach demands. A day without writing (except for Sundays) doesn’t feel right anymore. I’m fortunate enough to make any schedule work as our children no longer live at home.

Why do you write?

Although I loved making up stories from a young age, I didn’t consider writing them down until in high school when an essay I wrote came top in an English class contest. I guess I was about twelve then. My first published short story as a young adult won a prize in a Millennial Star magazine contest in England. Looking back now, I shudder at the awful writing and can’t imagine why I won. Maybe I was the only entry.

Vanilla or chocolate?

Take me into an ice cream shop with a hundred different flavors, and Vanilla is my choice every time. Creamy, dreamy vanilla! My husband simply cannot figure it out.

Laptop, PC, Mac, longhand, other? Why?

It used to be longhand because I could sit anywhere I wanted and scribble away, but these days, the PC wins because I love the challenge of computers and discovering what miraculous things they can do. Plus, being able to copy and delete chunks of work in seconds is amazing. Beats the old typewriter any day.

What is your current book?

My current book, Famous Family Nights, will soon be in the stores. At a time when the world is going crazy, a book about keeping families not only intact, but also bonding and thriving, is something everyone needs, no matter what their beliefs.

This book is a unique compilation of touching, inspiring, and often-hilarious personal experiences from ninety well-known LDS people around the world. The stories highlight family home evening as a priceless tool for building strong, faith-centered families, despite the many obstacles of modern life.

For more information about Famous Family Nights, please click HERE.

There is also a YouTube trailer on YouTube, and a Facebook Group to join at Famous
Family Nights

One piece of advice/wisdom for the world?

Life is all about choice and consequence. Put good thoughts into your mind; put wholesome, natural foods and pure water into your body; and live according to God’s laws. Each of these things promotes good health. Choosing the opposite leads to problems—physical, mental, and spiritual. Why not make the most of our time on earth by healthy living?

Dogs or cats?

I love them both—especially when they are babies—and goats, and horses, and Jersey cows.

What do you want to be remembered for, or as?

I’d like to be remembered as a person who loved the teachings of Jesus Christ; who looked for ways to share them; and who didn’t offend. I hope my writing reflects these things and that it helps those who seek truth.

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