Today I Live and A Future for Tomorrow

When I attended the recent LDStorymakers Conference in Provo I met someone who left a lasting impression on my life. When I first saw Haley Hatch Freeman I was struck with her beauty--tall with long blond hair, Haley could easily pass for a top model. But as I talked with her for several minutes what really impressed me was the fact that her beauty is far more than skin deep.

An anoxeria survivor Haley possess a strong and valiant spirit. Her journey through despair, and her triumph over the disorder that left her near death, attest to remarkable courage. That she chose to write a book--A Future for Tomorrow--and unveil her experience, in pursuit of helping others, touched me deeply. She deftly conveys the message that our Father in Heaven knows and loves us--that we are all of infinite worth to Him--as she brings hope and comfort to those struggling with eating disorders and self-esteem.

Haley has teamed with Karen Eddington to spread the message of the importance of self-esteem. The founder of the Cauliflower Retreat, Karen is the author of the highly acclaimed book Today, I Live.

Take the opportunity to visit Haley's blog where she is offering a copy of Today, I Live for a simple price: leave a comment on her blog naming three of your best traits. Deadline to enter is midnight tonight.


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