I need it to embrace the word and make it a way of life.

This coming year I've decided to commit myself to only life's
necessities . . . thus my posts here need to cease.

Thank you for your time, friendship, and support.

I've learned here.

I've grown.

Thank you.

You can still find me at Hearts and Hands.

merry month

of Miracles on Tristi Pinkston's blog where you can win a copy of My Gift to You today.


Congratulations to the Goodreads contest winner Jessica Higley!
Thanks to everyone who entered, and a reminder that you still have until December 10 to enter a cookie related idea in The Great Holiday Cookie Contest for a chance to win the Christmas gift basket.

a happy christmas...

One of my stories, A Happy Christmas, a true account about my grandmother, is in the current issue of Latter-day Woman.

my gift to you on andrea pearson books...

Sincere thanks to Andrea Pearson for her post about My Gift to You.
You can read it here.

the ghcc is still open for ideas!

We were inundated with recipe and story entries in The Great Holiday Cookie Contest, but received only one entry in the idea category. We're leaving that category open until December 10--that means you still have a chance to win the Christmas basket packed full of great stuff from our wonderful sponsors. Please click here for more details!

my gift to you on meridian magazine...

My Gift to You review on Meridian here.
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